Snow shoe outing half day morning

Date: Monday 12 mar 2018 - Friday 27 Apr 2018

' If you can walk, you can snowshoeing '... is a popular but true saying !
Get away from the ski resort and spice up your winter holiday with a snowshoe walk.
Experience the quietness and serenity of the spectacular mountains in Val Thorens !

Price included - Guide + snowshoes + Sticks

Two levels of difficulty for the outings:

Easy Level: 100 to 150 m ascent, Peaceful pace with frequent breaks.
Level Average walker: 150 to 300 m ascent, longer hike but always with regular breaks
The essentials: hiking shoes or after waterproof ski, a little water, a snack, a hat and warm gloves, good quality sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Programme of the week which may change due to weather conditions

Monday morning: 2 Lakes + Biathlon Initiation Easy Level

Facing Val Thorens, this walk offers a beautiful view of the resort, and allows the observation of glaciers around us.
We will progressively climb towards the natural lake of Thorens which will tell us about its aquatic life at this altitude!
A morning reconciling the pleasure of endurance and the sensations of precision and concentration that demand shooting!

Tuesday morning: The Vallon du Borgne
(with lift pass mandatory not included in the price)

We will dive into this valley perched above Val Thorens which has remained preserved and invites contemplation!

Wednesday Morning: At the foot of Tête Ronde + Initiation Biathlon Level Average walker

Above Val Thorens, overlooks a magnificent rock spur called Round Head.
A gradual climb up to his foot, which rhymes with fascination in this mineral setting, dotted with small glacial lakes and moraines! On arrival, combining endurance and sensations of precision, we will practice Biathlon!

Thursday Morning: Lake Montaulever Level Average walker

We will progressively ascend to the natural lake Montaulever then frozen.
On this sunny side where it is good to live in winter, it is not uncommon to observe a
whitecoat lie at the foot of a rock!

Friday Morning: Biathlon Party Easy Level

To end the week in style, and after a little ride as a warm-up, we will indulge in a Biathlon tournament. The opportunity for us to flirt with the feelings that can have the champions and discover themselves internally. Ideal for concentration!

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